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Board of Directors and Committees

The original Steering Committee of the Eco-Justice Center was formed to guide the Center as it transitioned from the Racine Domnican Ministries, Inc, to a new 501(c)3 organization known as the Eco-Justice Center, Inc. In 2011, the first Board of Directors for the organization was formed. Since that time, the Board has grown, changed, and transitioned as some members served terms and stepped down and other new members joined. This talented group of people is volunteering its time and talent to further the mission and vision of the Eco-Justice Center.

Our Current Board of Directors:

Charlie Tennessen, President

Rose Woodruff, Vice-President

S. Rosalie Lauer, OP, Secretary

Jeanne Gramza, Treasurer

S. Jean Ackerman, OP

Tiffany Behrends

Eric Carlberg

Marilynn Pelky

S. Sharon Simon, OP

S. Jane Weiss, OP, Sponsorship Office representative

Many more people donate their time and talent to the Center by serving on one of our active committees, which include the Governance, Program, Development, Finance, and Buildings & Grounds Committees.

Are you looking for a way to serve in our community? Contact us to learn more about joining a committee or becoming a board member.

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