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The Eco-Justice Center offers tours and environmental education classes to local schools, organizations, and community members. To learn more about school programs, visit our "School Programs" page.

Besides school programs, we offer three tour opportunities to the public. 

Guided tour:

The guided tour is personalized to your group's interest and time frame. Tours are led by individuals who live and/or serve at the Eco-Justice Center. Some topics that can be incorporated into the tour include the following:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Organic Gardening
  • Farm animal care 
  • Beekeeping
  • Water conservation
  • History of the Eco-Justice Center

If you have plans to visit the EJC and would like a guided tour, we would appreciate a call ahead of time to insure we will have a guide available. 

Guided tours are $2 per person per half hour. Thank you for supporting the mission of the Eco-Justice Center!

Self-guided book tour:

Pick up a book that will guide you around the farm at your own pace. Inside is a brief history of each building, fun facts about the animals, and information on the gardens. 

Explore the EJC:

Once you have taken one of the above tours, you are always welcome to explore the grounds at the Eco-Justice Center. Walk our wood-chipped nature path or take a meditative walk through our stone labyrinth. The animals enjoy meeting visitors, we just ask that you stay out of animal buildings unless a guide is with you. 


We ask all visitors to check in with staff at the red Education Center.

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