HOPES Center, located in the heart of downtown Racine, is a collaborative, multi-dimensional organization designed to promote awareness and offer solutions to the causes and consequences of poverty, mental illness and social injustice. HOPES offers counseling, case management and healing arts services to Racine’s homeless and mentally ill free of charge. As a recently state certified Outpatient Mental Health facility, they will now be able to offer services to the underinsured and those on Medicare or Medicaid. HOPES Center relies heavily on community support through donations and volunteerism. HOPES is an acronym for Healing, Opportunity, Peace, Ecology and Spirituality.

Our mission is to focus on the dignity and worth of all people by valuing a spirituality rooted in justice by building awareness of the causes and consequences of poverty while employing collaborative, multi-dimensional approaches towards their alleviation.

By attending to the Spirit, the HOPES Center is a holistic hub where a diverse and inclusive community will collaborate to shape a future where healing & wholeness, peace & justice, and spiritual well-being will flourish.

Our new mission statement is as follows:

Recognizing the worth and dignity of each person, HOPES Center serves the mental health and social service needs of the poor and homeless.

Through service provision, those involved begin to understand the causes and consequences of poverty.

Thus HOPES Center engages participants and others in eliminating barriers to further success.


Learn more about the new executive director, Scott Metzel