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Siena - The Sister's Home

Siena – Home to the Racine Dominicans, Siena Retreat Center 

The Racine Dominicans have been living at Siena (formerly Siena Center) for over 50 years. In 1960 when the community had grown to over 600 sisters, the sisters built and moved to a sprawling maze of connected buildings which accommodated the many needs of the sisters and their ministries. At that time, numerous ministries included teaching, nursing, and social justice issues. Since then, the community has become considerably smaller – shrinking from around 600 to around 120 today. With this in mind and being mindful of the wasted resources and expensive building maintenance and energy costs, it was decided that buildings would be demolished and replaced with more efficient and sensible accommodations.

Today, there is a new Siena Retreat Center building with comfortable accommodations and a new apartment-style building to house the sisters that live on campus.


Racine Dominican Sister Monica Gabriel, a gifted artist, created this image of St.Catherine of Siena that graces the Siena Bell Tower outside Siena Chapel.