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I Love a Love Story!

Reflection by Associate, Cora Twohig-Moengangongo

The recent fairy-tale wedding of Britain’s Prince William and now Princess Kate caught us up north of the border in Canada, being part, as we are, of the British Commonwealth and all.

Then, when Ruthanne sent me the programme for today, with the prayers of Catherine that we have just offered, the deepest truth of the beginning and the end of all love stories, floods over and through us together. 

Ultimate, tender, fierce Love, “…kneading us” as Catherine says, into God’s very Being, into Love, into creating, dynamic energizing Loving.  How more ravishing a love story, for us to be pressed, stretched, massaged, embraced into Love/Loving, forever and always.

God, it is YOU, setting us aflame with your Love Fire, piercing, dissolving our every darkness with your eternal infinite blazing.

SING…..You light up my life, You give me hope to carry on----

I remember from High School, memorizing some lines of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poetry.  I was 16 and in love with the idea of loving. Elizabeth’s expression moved me as she writes to her beloved Robert:          

How do I love Thee

                        Let me count the ways

                        I love thee to the depth, breadth, height, my soul can reach

                        And on------

What is all our singing and rhyming about?  Here we are, caught and held in this greatest of Love stories, where all our own small loves, our hummings, our stutterings, are just mere glimmers.  More incredible---You, God,  receive us with our puny offerings----You----, “deep well of charity, light, truth, grace.”as Catherine calls her Beloved.

Isn’t this ecstasy, a honeymoon?! 

But then, who is going to wash the dishes and carry out the garbage and do justice?  How does this passion translate and transform our living and acting within an imperfect world? 

We watch Jesus!

Jesus is speaking and teaching in the Temple near the end of the Feast of the Tabernacles, known too as the Festival SUKKOT..  For eight days and nights the temple courtyard, alight with blazing torches, has lit up the Jerusalem skyline.

At daybreak some Scribes and Pharisees bring before Jesus, a woman—just a woman-- caught in adultery.  She is made to stand in front of everyone and then the Scribes and Pharisees test Jesus, by asking if she should be stoned to death according to the Law. We smell sin-garbage here don’t we, but who are the polluters?

Jesus is gazing at the woman; Jesus is gazing at her accusers; Jesus bends and begins writing on the earth with his finger---we know the story, we know the response of those condemning---leaving,self-condemned, one by one; we know being woman, we know Jesus facing this powerless woman--- His presence saving her from death, bringing her to life.

Then, knowing their experience of temple torches, Jesus speaks to the temple gathering--- “I am the Light of the world!”  Imagine how that image and that message falls on their ears!  Light for the world?  He is light not only for God's chosen people Israel, but for all people and all nations.

Jesus shows us how our living in love brings LIGHT to our world.   We abide in the darkness and the unknowing of our time.  We rest in this dark night, a night of contemplation, purification and transformation, even as we live in the Heart of Jesus, LIGHT of the world.

WE are lovers, seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing and choosing to abide in Love, living in the LIGHT, Jesus, the Still Point as we dance in the darkness.

This means we re-commit ourselves to Truth, Jesus; we are compelled anew to doing justice, to fashioning right relationship within, between and among all others, with the whole earth community, with the cosmos, and we are ALIVE in this Love energy, dancing dervishly , ceaselessly lightly, joyfully.  Here is our love-gift.

THIS is our never-ending love story.


Cora Twohig-Moengangongo, SIENA CENTRE, June 25, 2011