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Pope Francis' recent encyclical, Laudato si': On Care for our Common Home, calls all people to take swift and unified action against environmental degradation. A group of 10 - 20 participants gathered for six weeks at the start of 2016 to read the encyclical and better understand our role on Earth. 

Whoever would have thought that reading an encyclical written by the Pope could be so stimulating and relevant! That is exactly what the participants of the six week discussion of Laudato si’ thought about the series. In addition to naming the human causes of today’s ecological crisis and the consequential heavy burdens placed on all, especially the poor, the letter addresses hopeful approaches to caring for all of creation. Reading and discussing this book helped members of the group renew their commitment to care for our common home.

You can find the full document online, or can purchase the book in the Eco-Justice Center gift shop for $12.00. 

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