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Gift Shop

Our gift shop is located in the Education Center. The following are some of the items available for purchase. Gift certificates are also available.

"Eco-Justice Center" T-shirt

T-shirts with the Eco-Justice Center logo are available in dark green and white in youth sizes (S, M and L) and adult sizes (S, M, L, XL, and XXL). Long-sleeved dark green t-shirts, dark green hoodies (kids only) and sweatshirts are also available.  

Child shirt $12, Adult shirt $15, Child long-sleeved tee $15, Adult long-sleeved tee $18, Child hoodie $22

SALE! Child sweatshirt $10, Adult sweat shirt $15

"Eco-Justice Center" Organic Cotton Totes

Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 3"


Felted Alpaca Hat

Handmade from the fiber of the alpacas at the Eco-Justice Center, each hat is unique and very warm. 

Hat $80 with $20 payment upfront

Knit Alpaca Socks

Knit from the fiber of the alpacas at the Eco-Justice Center, each pair of socks is made special to fit your feet.

Pair of socks: $45 with $15 payment upfront

Knit Alpaca Scarf

Handmade from the fiber of the alpacas at the Eco-Justice Center and knit by Sr. Janet Weyker

Scarf $62

Alpaca Yarn

Made from the fiber of the alpacas at the Eco-Justice Center and spun by Sr. Janet Weyker.

Yarn: $7.00/ounce

Felted Alpaca Bead Necklace

Alpaca beads are felted from the fiber of the alpacas at the Eco-Justice Center.

Necklace: $8

Silver Necklaces

Made by Sr. Kathleen Bohn 

18" chain with charm: $12

Jellies, Jams and Syrups

Made by the residents of the Eco-Justice Center, from local berries. 

1/2 Pint: $4

Crochetted Washcloth set

Set of two hand-crochetted washcloths come in a variety of colors.

Set of two washclothes $5

Knit Squishy Stress Pal

Squishies: 1 for $4, 3 for $10, 7 for $20

Tissue Box Covers

Made by Sr. Kathleen Bohn, these covers fit over small tissue boxes. 

Tissue cover: $5

Flower Matchbox

This handmade paper matchbox can be given as a gift or hold one itself. Matchboxes come with a variety of flowers on the front. 

2" x 2.5" matchbox $1.50

Flower Greeting Cards

Made and donated by Arlene Meyerhoffer.

Individual card: $2

Flower Magnets

Made and donated by Arlene Meyerhoffer.  

Magnet: $1.50

"Eco-Justice Center" Star Ornament

This handmade ornament can be purchased with the "Eco-Justice Center" name or ordered in bulk with your own chosen words on the lower scroll. 

2" ornament $1.50

Origami Bird and Bell Ornaments

Made by Sr. Janet Weyker

Origami Ornaments: $1.00 - $1.50

Wheat Doll

Handmade using the wheat from the Eco-Justice Center.

Wheat doll: $2.50

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