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Styrofoam (polystyrene/#6) becomes a nuisance. During our last beach clean-up, the majority of small trash particles were Styrofoam pieces that had washed ashore. Racine’s recycling facility can’t use it, so what can you do with Styrofoam?

The first step is to avoid using it. When you eat out, bring a reusable plastic container with you, or a collapsible one that fits in a bag, for leftovers. You can also bring your own water bottle to fill up at stores. Continue to work with schools and businesses to utilize more reusable materials.

When you do acquire this form of plastic, there is hope for it to not immediately end its life in a landfill. The Mail n’ Ship in Racine (3747 Douglas Avenue) and the EZ Pack n ’Ship Etc. in Kenosha (8032 22nd Ave) will take large Styrofoam packing and packing peanuts to be reused. Did your new laptop come encased in Styrofoam or bubble wrap? These places will take it off your hands!

Now what about egg cartons and food containers? We do not know of anyone who takes these locally. The nearest place is in North Aurora, IL. The Dart Container Corporation (310 Evergreen Dr.) will take all packing foam and clean food containers, but not packing peanuts. The company asks that they are delivered in clear plastic bags with packing foam in separate bags from food containers/egg cartons. These products are then made into picture frames and crown molding.

Egg Cartons can be mailed to Dolco Packaging at 2110 Patterson St in Decatur, IN 46733.

There are also numerous arts and crafts that can be made from Styrofoam.

Do you have other questions or thoughts about Styrofoam?  Do you know of places that will accept this form of plastic?  Email with any ideas.

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