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Waste Watchers Series

With support from the Runzheimer Foundation and Friends of the Racine Public Library, we were able to present the "Waste Watchers" Series at the Racine Public Library. The series included viewings of the documentaries "Bag It" and "The Clean Bin Project," along with a presentation by Dan Jongetjes from John's Disposal Service, the recycling plant for much of the Racine area. The two documentaries are part of the Racine Public Library's collection and can be rented for home viewing. 

Living a Plastic Life
“Bag It” (2010) shows the life of Jeb, an average American guy, as he makes a resolution to stop using plastic bags in the grocery store. This small action gets Jeb thinking: “What is plastic made of? Is it recyclable? Does it decompose when it ends up in a landfill? Does plastic have negative health effects? Learn what Jeb finds out about our world of plastic and what it means for you and your family. 

When Recycling Leaves Our Curb
What happens to our paper, glass, and aluminum when it leaves the curb? Why can some products be recycled and others can’t? What do the recycling numbers mean? Is recycling profitable? Dan Jongetjes, from John’s Disposal Service, in Franksville, WI, was able to answer all of our recycling questions and explain how the recycling process works. 

Could You Live Waste Free?
“The Clean Bin Project” (2010) follows a regular couple in their quest to answer the question “is it possible to live completely waste free?” Jen and Grant get into a light-hearted competition as they vow to cut their consumerism habits and see who can produce the least amount of waste. The couple discusses the serious topic of waste reduction with optimism, humor, and inspiration for individual action. 

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