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Water Felting

Water Felting

Saturday, April13, 2019

9:00 am - 1:30 pm


Learn how to create functional items out of beautiful, soft alpaca fiber. From skirting (cleaning) and carding the fiber to the actual felting process, this class will enable you to take home your own hand-felted purse, eye-glass pouch or necklace. Class fee is $50 (includes materials and lunch). Registration deadline is April 8th.


Water Felting
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Please hit submit and then continue below to pay for the class through PayPal. The fee for this class is $50.00. If you would rather pay with a check, make out to "Eco-Justice Center" and mail to Eco-Justice Center, 7133 Michna Rd, Racine, WI 53402.

Water Felting

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