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HOPES Board Members


Front Row: Nancy McLaughlin (Co-Chair), Marybeth Aldrich (Co-Chair), Scott Metzel (Executive Director). Back Row: Wally Herman (Treasurer), Pat Fogarty (former Treasurer), Joe Heck (Secretary)


HOPES is thankful to have an excellent group of people who have volunteered to serve on its Board of Directors for 2019-2020:

MaryBeth Aldrich, Co-Chair
Retired Housing Program Manager

Nancy McLaughlin, Co-Chair
Senior Vice President Johnson Bank

Walter Herman, Treasurer
Retired Quality Assurance Manager

Joseph Heck, Secretary
Retired Urban Planner

Charles French, Director
Non-Profit Manager

Amy Baumgarten, Director

Ruth Schaaf, OP, Director
Retired Educator

Karen Severson, Director
Retired Nurse

John Thielen, Director
Director of Facilities, Gateway Technical College

Kenyatta Turner, Director
Administrative Assistant, Johnson Bank

Joseph Grauwels, Director
Retired Educator

Terry Maier, Director
Retired Accountant

Warren Williams, Director
Retired Pastor

Mare Wheeler, Director
Psychiatric Care Physician Assistant

Sister Chris Broslavick, OP, Sponsorship Office

Scott Metzel, Executive Director (Ex-Officio)