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HOPES Center offers internships for students of Gateway Technical College's Human Services program. There are a limited number of internships available each semester. HOPES currently offers two types of internship positions:

1. Housing Stabilization Specialist Intern: Interns work with a case manager to assist participants in HOPES Center's Rapid Rehousing projects. Rapid Rehousing is tenant based rental assistance and case management for people who are homeless. Participants enter the program from Racine shelters or places not meant for human habitation through the Racine Continuum of Care's Coordinated Entry system. Interns work with the Rapid Rehousing Case Manager to help participants locate suitable housing units and link them to services and income that will help them maintain their units after they leave the program. 

2. Outreach Specialist Intern: Interns are part of the HOPES outreach team.  Work locations are often "in the field," including the Hospitality Center and other downtown areas, as well as the HOPES Center office. Outreach interns also join a Street Outreach team, which goes out at night to locate and serve people who are unsheltered.  A key principle of outreach is meeting people where they are. Outreach specialists first get to know people who are experiencing homelessness in Racine and then work to see how they can best be assisted and linked to resources. 

Spring 2017 Interns: David (Outreach Specialist), Shelonda (Housing Stability Specialist), Fred (Outreach Specialist)