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Raise Awareness/Educate

Community Based
• Canvas/leaflet (order free materials)
• Present this letter to hotels at which you stay
• Educate refugees & immigrants in community (English classes & empowerment)
• Educate homeless young adults about coercion, sex for money, etc…
• Have a fair trade chocolate, tea & coffee tasting party - fair trade provides stability for families which makes them less likely to be victimized by traffickers
• Hold Spanish-Language workshop
• Host an art show with works from trafficking survivors
• Host a movie night (click here for a list)
• Make & sell “Stop Trafficking” bracelets
• Print information on cup holders at coffee shops
• Put up posters in multiple languages in public places (order free posters)
• Start a Book Club (click here for recommended readings)
• Start a small group to learn about trafficking

• Educate ourselves about local & global international situation
Shop responsibly and purchase Fair Trade items
• Post fliers wherever allowed (order free ones here)
• Put 888-373-7888 (Human Trafficking Resource Center) in your phone and ask
  others to do the same.
• Learn about available services in case someone asks for help
• Look at our own lives & challenge any objectification of persons
• Read/listen to stories between the lines for signs of trafficking
• Send an e-mail to friends with link to IPJC website
• Share information about human trafficking with family & friends

Schools & Universities
• Approach Campus Ministry programs for support & advocacy
• Ask libraries to have books for children related to trafficking
• Educate school counselors about identifying victims of trafficking
• Have speakers in schools on awareness days (January 11 & February 27)
• Incorporate in high/middle school curriculums (social studies & health)
• Organize student video project on coercion, (trafficking/drugs/bullying)
• Teach younger children the principles of respect & dignity
• Video night at colleges & universities

• Ask Archdiocese to sponsor day of awareness on a specific Sunday
• Ask OCP to include a prayer for victims of trafficking in Music Issue
• Educate clergy—provide resource materials for homilies/preaching
• Encourage Social Justice Committees study, educate & advocate on issue
• Host a prayer service/vigil
• Invite speakers to churches
• Organize network of churches
• Place announcements in church bulletins


Ask members of Congress to reauthorize Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA)
• Call police stations to inquire if law enforcement is considering women as potential victims of trafficking when there are “prostitution sweeps”
• Encourage enforcement of existing laws & to train officers to recognize victims
• Host a letter writing party
• Increase tariffs on goods suspected of being produced in sweat shops
• Investigate pending immigration legislation & impact on trafficking
• Monitor legislation at state, national & international level
• Prosecute & increase consequences for purchasers of sex
• Support just laws regarding international adoption
• Train people to be court advocates for victims of trafficking
• Use Legislative Advocacy Tool via to write legislators

* this is a compilation of original ideas, materials/ideas from the project 'Rescue and Restore', and ideas gleaned from participants at IPJC Human Trafficking Events in Portland, Seattle & Spokane, Fall 2008.