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Racine Police Department Acknowledges Racine Dominicans

S. Rose Marie Anthony and Racine Dominicans recognized at the 2017 Policeman's Ball 

Excerpt from Journal Time article (Nov. 6, 2017):

Fight to end human trafficking

Racine Dominican Sister Rose Marie Anthony of the Siena Center was also given a Community Policing Award for her work to end human trafficking in the Racine area.

Kari Hemming, executive director of the Fight to End Exploitation, said Anthony was significant in starting the organization.

“She really made it a priority to make sure human trafficking (issues) was on the forefront of our community,” Henning said. “I don’t know if we were so impressed that a nun was talking about pimps and Johns, or if we were excited about her passion. She really, really was inspiring and she’s been a mentor to me.”

Anthony was thankful to receive the award, but reminded the crowd that more work needs to be done on human trafficking.

“Get yourselves educated, educate others and then be sure that we can all work together and keep this thing out of the way, get it out of here,” Anthony said. “It’s a terrible, terrible problem in our area and we want it to be eliminated.”

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2015 Police Department Annual Report

The following was included in the    Racine Police Department 2015 Annual Report in a write-up titled, "Racine Coalition Against Human Trafficking":

"In 2012, the Racine Dominicans launched an aggressive campaign designed to bring attention to the issue of human trafficking locally and beyond. The Racine Police Department was quick to partner with the Dominican Sisters in this important matter of public safety. What began as a small community gathering rapidly evolved into a community-wide movement in the fight against human trafficking.


Noteworthy Milestones
(as listed in the police annual report):

October 2012    National Criminal Justice Center AMBER Alert organization conducts survey of law enforcement on human trafficking training needs

November 2012    Racine Dominicans host "A Cry for Help" conference on human trafficking

February 2013    Regional Conference on Human Trafficking hosted by U.S. Attorney's Office

May 2013    US Citizenship and Immigration Services host law enforcement training on Immigration Relief of Victims of Human Trafficking

January 2014    Racine Chapter of Dining for Women join Racine Dominican in support of the Racine Police Department Human Trafficking Task Force

June 2014    Regional Human Trafficking partners participate in the nationwide sting operation sponsored by the FBI (Operation Cross Country)

May 2015    Milwaukee-based FBI officially partners with Racine Police Department in the fight against human trafficking

June 2015    Racine Community Foundations awards RCAHT with $25,000 grant in support of human trafficking operations

July 2015    Villa Street COP office space dedicated to human trafficking operations

October 2015    Human trafficking survivor Marion Hatcher speaks at Racine Resource Fair

Along with the entire congregation of Racine Dominicans, Sister Rose Marie Anthony has provided strong leadership in the fight against human trafficking." 

Please read the rest of the write-up from the photo below...