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As we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the year that the Dominicans came to the Americas, we have another opportunity to offer prayers and to raise our voices.

Mary Ann Grant sent this for our consideration:

You’re likely aware that North Korea’s Kim Jong il has died and now people are asking, “What can I do for those locked inside North Korea?”

  • Prayers and support are needed that the new leader will have a heart of mercy and compassion — with no desire to rule in an inhumane, dictatorial way.
  • That Christians that have been imprisoned because of their faith will have opportunities to share and lead others
  • That the joy and hope of Jesus will be revealed to those suffering because of their faith
  • That the horrendous situation will not worsen because those in power seek control
  • That thousands of starving children will find food and shelter, comfort and love, and a willingness to express their beliefs.
  • That the hearts and minds of the leaders be transformed by God’s grace.

May the grace of Christmas bring all of them hope.

Mary Ann, Associate