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Journey into Easter

S. Brenda Walsh

On Thursday 
we were invited on an astonishing
and sometimes jagged journey,
starting with mines of mystery and
uncompromising, leavening love.
We watched Jesus, the footwasher,
sharing a life-saving meal with
friend and foe alike, welcoming betrayers
and faith-faltering followers.
Jesus rewrote the script
to include transforming life for all.

On Friday
we walked the blood-stained path to Calvary
with other women to witness
non-violence in the midst of horror and betrayal
and flight of followers and friends.
We witnessed Jesus drape a white veil
of uncompromising love on a wounded world,
clothing the earth with forgiveness
cascading from the cross.
We saw the women plunged in pain,
standing steadfast under the cross
as they saw his limp body delivered
to the shelter of death and higher life.
He died forgiving all and proclaiming
unfailing trust in his Loving Father
and urging us to do the same

On Saturday
we heard of despondent followers,
friends with trembling minds and shattered hopes,
hiding behind locked doors of fear and despair.
The women stood steadfast
with courage and endurance, undaunted by the horror
and stunned by the mystery of Jesus' love.

On Sunday 
women were first the tomb and sent to blare out the
Good News that his love is everlasting.
Mary found him again as night turned to day.
She ventured out into breaking dawn.
The stone was rolled away
and with fearless faith she grasped the lifeline
of his gentle presence calling her name.
She was lured into life and sent to
preach the Good News to all.

Today, Tomorrow, and Everyday
the Easter flame challenges every blithe dismissal
of human misery and human dignity.
We are invited to let Easter Power
seep into every crevice of mind and heart,
to cleanse every idol in self, community, culture and creed
and let Jesus Easter in us now,
modeling non-violence and uncompromising love
in a world torn by war and violence.
We pray, "Jesus, roll all our stones away.
May your Risen life arise anew in us
like freshly-baked bread and may we proclaim
anew each day, as you did on the cross:
"God is good, all the time.
All the time, God is good."