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How do we nurture the Spark of the Divine that dwells within each of us?

By S. Jeanne Burg, OP
We need to develop an ever-growing awareness of the Presence of the Spark of the Divine that dwells within and surrender in love to the Eternal Now and then we will be and see and hear in a new way, the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.



What does the Dominican motto “To Praise, to Bless, to Preach,” mean?

The motto came from the Founder of our Dominican Order — Dominic. From his earliest years, he practiced this motto continuously. He prayed long hours every day and often into the night.  Praising and blessing was the very foundation of his life.  He prayed while traveling and during his meetings with the people that he served. He urged his followers to make prayer and contemplation the foundation of their individual and communal living.  He believed that we must be immersed in God’s love and presence in order to be truly effective in our ministry.

Prayer gives us wisdom and will help us in our ministry by living the call to Praise, to Bless, to Preach. If we preach by the witness of our lives, nourished by prayer and praise, we will have hope for ourselves, and we will acquire the ability to continue the struggle to bring God’s peace and hope to our burdened world.  It will enable us to allow God’s healing grace to flow through us. Then with St. Paul, we can pray: “Glory be to our God whose power working in and through us, will enable us to accomplish more than we dare ask or imagine.”

What place does the blessing and praise of God have in my life/our lives?




What are Racine Dominicans celebrating in 2012?

In 2012 we, the Racine Dominicans are celebrating the coming of the first Dominican Sisters to start a foundation in Racine, Wisconsin. The German newspaper recorded:
“on May 12th, 1862, Mother Benedicta Bauer of the Order of St. Dominic with eleven companions arrived in Racine with the intention of founding a motherhouse and to open a school for the education of German and Irish immigrant children.”

The community is celebrating this significant anniversary in a variety of ways. We pause and give thanks and praise for all of the women who have joined the Racine Dominicans since 1862 and also for all of the people who have supported us in our various involvements.  

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