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by S. Cyril Marie Van Asten

I believe in resurrection.

I believe resurrection is a part of life
     a part of every life.

I believe we were born to live resurrection
     to be life giving so others may rise up.
Resurrected to grow a little each day
     in faith
     in hope
     in love.

I believe every time we reach out
     we empower another to rise up.
The innocence and spontaneity of childhood
     is rejuvenated and acknowledged anew
     in the way we walk
     in the way we talk
     in the way we sing
     in the way we work
     in the way we play
     in the way we pray.

I believe we are an Easter people
     when we share moments of happiness and sorrow
     when we dare to make a difference for the common good
     when we allow others to be free to be themselves.

I believe Jesus suffered and rose again that we may know
     the power of love
     the beauty of giving
     the wonder of peace
     the joy of living.

I believe in the Resurrection.