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Thanksgiving Means Living with Gratitude and Hope


By S. Brenda Walsh, Racine Dominican

At this time of year

when fields and orchards

yield an abundant harvest,

we are invited to pause, pray and ponder,

to look around us and beyond us

and give thanks for all the

bountiful blessings we always enjoy.

We are grateful for each and all

of our Dominican Brothers, Sisters,

Associates, and friends, who daily

live Dominic’s daring dream.

They offer their faith and commitment

through lives  of peace and justice, and sharing

their bountiful gifts with those most in need.

We hold up with gratitude and reverence

the harvest of their hands and hearts, and

ask that God will bless the gift of all

their good works, as we give deep thanks

to our Loving God.

We cherish the memories of

all the Dominicans who have gone before us

and we treasure their legacy and give thanks.