Cancelled: The Things That Make for Peace: Contemplation and Peacemaking

Category: 2016-17 Retreat Programs

Date: May 5, 2017


The Things That Make for Peace: Contemplation and Peacemaking

What if by chance, our time in evolution is a dark night time—a time of crisis and transition that must be understood if it is to be part of learning a new vision and harmony for the human species and the planet?   —Constance Fitzgerald, OCD, "Impasse and Dark Night"

Do we really know the things that make for peace?  Do we really go to the heart of the matter?

Join us for a careful, contemplative consideration of those places where our wounds intersect with the wounds of our broken world.  Our capacity to take this inner journey is what will ultimately enable us to be peace, and to lead others toward "our complex and inexplicable caring for each other and for our life together" (Dillard).

Friday, May 5, to Sunday, May 7, 2017
The retreat begins at 7:00pm on Friday and concludes with the noon meal on Sunday.

Cost of $225 includes $50 non-refundable deposit, overnight accommodations, meals, and program.

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Margaret Mayce, OP, is a Dominican sister of Amityville and a representative of the Dominican sisters to the United Nations.  The sisters’ goals include bringing the perspective of the United Nations to the Dominican Family and to support global action for justice and peace nationally.