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A Volunteer's Perspective

These are gifts of heart, mind and memory.  When a visitee shares a favorite story about a special day or event in their life, both the storyteller and the listener are enriched by that communication.  Whether speaking of the deep faith that helped them through a difficult time in life, or describing the joy of first cradling a grandchild in their arms, or remembering that first encounter with the love of their life, perhaps re-living their wedding day, or simply recalling how life and times were different in decades past – these conversations are gifts our visitees choose for us from the treasure trove of their own memories.  Our visitees give us, the volunteers, a view of the world from a different perspective and another place in time.  Best of all, these gifts of personal wisdom and fond recollection cannot be lost, stolen or broken – they truly are the gifts that keep on giving.
by Carl Hubbard

Giving Thanks is a Two-way Street

Lifting Spirits
Why is the Senior Companion Program important to me? My involvement with the SCP began when my mother started to receive visits from a program volunteer. I quickly realized how much my mom looked forward to these visits, and how much her visitor, a wonderfully caring and compassionate nun, was able to lift her spirits. Some time later, I began working with the program as a visitor and serving on committees. I know the support that SCP provides is appreciated. Visitees and their families often express their thanks directly or with cards, letters or donations.

Volunteers Benefit from their Visitees

This is my opportunity to let our senior visitees know how thankful we are for all they give back to us. Our SCP staff and volunteers really do have lots to be grateful for; after all, we benefit all year long from the very special and unique gifts we receive from our Senior Companion visitees.



The Senior Companion Program is always in search of companions. If you would like to become a Companion, contact:

Sue Craanen,
SCP Executive Director

If you know someone who may be interested in becoming a Senior Companion or who might benefit from a visit from a Senior Companion, download and print our brochure.

Download a Brochure

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