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We are excited to report that Siena Retreat Center has a new website!


Siena sunrise on a winter's day

A variety of individualized retreat opportunities are available.  An individual retreat can be scheduled anytime of the year except August, depending on availability. You can select to have as many meals as you wish in the retreat dining room. You are also able to use the many facilities of Siena Retreat Center: walk the indoor and outdoor labyrinths, express yourself through art in the arts/crafts room, participate in daily offices in the chapel, stroll the beautiful grounds, visit the bookstore, utilize the books in the Siena Center library, or find a quiet place in to read and reflect.  Bicycles, blankets and chairs are available for outdoor use.

Individualized retreat opportunities include:

Spiritual Direction- Can be scheduled for a single time or on a recurring basis.

Retreat Accommodations- View photos of bedrooms, dining room, etc.

Private Retreat- Come for a few hours, a day, or longer.

Individual Directed Retreat- Experienced retreat directors are available to guide you in your retreat.

Threads of Life- A Weaving Retreat- This offers the opportunity to learn loom weaving while experiencing a silent retreat and daily meeting with a spiritual guide.

A Basket Weaving Retreat- This offers the opportunity to learn basket-making while experiencing a private retreat and engaging in conversion with a spiritual guide.

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