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On the Road

We are excited to report that Siena Retreat Center has a new website!


Our program staff is on call for presentations, reflection, parish and staff days, and formation programs.

Claire Anderson, (262) 898-2588

  • Science and spirituality
  • Contextual theology
  • Indigenous spirituality

Kathleen Bohn, OP (262) 898-2581

  • Labyrinth programs

 Miriam Brown, OP (262) 898-2585

  • Theological refreshment and update
  • Spirituality today
  • Exploration of life journey and transitions
  • New cosmology
  • Spirituality and Poetry
  • Enneagram

Pat Shutts (262) 898-2584

  • Various ways to pray, including centering prayer
  • Art as a spiritual process (painting, drawing, and creating mandalas)
  • Grief ministry