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Our Mission

We are excited to report that Siena Retreat Center has a new website!


The mission of the Siena Retreat Center is to nurture a healing and holistic spirituality in an environment of joy, peace, and beauty.


Vision statement:

All you who are thirsty, come
Come - where the Spirit stirs the waters
To reveal the place where you stand as holy ground
Bring here your God-story, the stories of those you touch
To place them
Within the universal divine story
Come - to receive and be nourished
             to speak and to listen
             to share and to reflect
Come - to hear today’s prophets
                   speak a vision for a better world
Come - to renew your faith, your hope, your efforts
                for a world of peace, not war
                               of harmony, not division
                               of meaning, not power
- a world held within the arms of divine compassion