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Spiritual Direction

We are excited to report that Siena Retreat Center has a new website!


Spiritual direction, also called spiritual guidance, is an age-old process of listening to the heart of another as he or she seeks the intention of the Spirit within the deep recesses of the self.

Spiritual guidance can be a single session or a multi-session commitment, depending on the need or desire. Meetings are usually scheduled every four to six weeks.

The goal is not dependency on another, but a closer union with the Divine that invites wholeness, integrity, inner unity and growth.

Fees are based on the ability to pay, ranging from $35 to $55 per session.

Our certified, experienced spiritual directors on staff are Kathleen Bohn, OP, Miriam Brown, OP, and Pat Shutts. Other directors are available as needed.

For more information, call 262-898-2580.

Are you interested in becoming a spiritual director yourself.  Consider Siena Retreat Center's Spiritual Guidance Training Program.