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Spiritual Guidance Training

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The Spiritual Guidance Training Program is more than "just" a training program for spiritual directors; most participants find it a transformational experience. An experienced staff leads this two-year ecumenical program, based on the Christian tradition and enriched by various faith perspectives. Permeating the process and content of the program is a belief in the sacredness of all creation and of human experience as the place of God’s revelation. Belief in God’s unconditional love for and presence in creation is foundational.

The next session will begin in January 2019.  However, it is not too early to inquire. We are happy to speak with you and answer your questions so you can discern if you wish to consider this program. It is important to have time for personal reflection before beginning the program as it represents a significant dedication of time, energy, and finances.

Training consists of eight three-day sessions per year for two years and incorporates a variety of learning styles and practicum. Graduates receive a certificate of completion.

Contact the on-site coordinator, Rita Lui, OP, at (262) 221-7605 or Download a brochure for the program. If you cannot open this document, download Adobe Acrobat Reader.  [This is the brochure for the 2017-2018 session but the basic information is the same.  The fees and dates will change.]


"This past year in the SGTP has been the most spiritually growthful and deepening period in my life. There have been many other spiritually growthful periods in my life, but this one exceeds all the other ones put together."

"Before I applied to the SGTP, my discernment process bounced from fear around the tuition cost to awe around the movement of the Holy Spirit calling me into this program at Siena. After completing the SGTP, I say with every fiber of my being that it is so worth the investment of money and time, openness and vulnerability. Many graces and transformations have been gifted me through SGTP."

"The Spiritual Guidance Training Program became an unanticipated journey of transformational healing and hope. It is this hope that I now live from, through, with and into a future that is of possibility."

Institute for Spiritual Guidance

Siena Retreat Center is pleased to announce the Institute for Spiritual Guidance. The Institute for Spiritual Guidance is intended for both seasoned spiritual guides and those who have more recently completed training.

In response to the need for ongoing development of spiritual guides, the Institute will offer workshops that create opportunities for guides to learn and further integrate the art and skill of companioning another person.

The next Institute will be August 6-8, 2017.  The topic is "Beneath the Surface: A Practicum Intensive and the Role of Supervision." The focus of the 2017 Institute will be a practicum intensive and the role of supervision.  Practicum sessions develop and hone skills in companioning seekers.  Supervision “explores what is beneath the surface” of the spiritual guide—unexamined patterns, reactions, or assumptions—to better understand oneself and to better accompany seekers.