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Sister Juliana Dischler


S. Juliana Dischler was drawn to the Racine Dominicans by the excellent teaching, along with the reverence, respect and friendly concern she experienced among her grade school and high school teachers in Plain, WI. Of course, God was the true magnet, but the sisters inspired and encouraged her along the route. The values instilled by her parents – the importance of daily prayer and of reaching out to people – also influenced her decision to devote her life to serving others.

Being a sister for 60 years has enabled S. Juliana to serve as a bridge for people in the parishes where she ministered. She has connected teachers, students, catechists and clergy in building community within the parish and between each parish and the city in which it is located. She has found great meaning in her various roles: teaching children and adults, ministering in a priestless parish, and serving as a pastoral minister. She enjoys empowering others to carry on the faith dimension, and has found working with staff and administration to be a great experience. “In my vocation I have found challenges every day via people and events,” she reflects. “Working, praying, laughing, crying and loving people makes all the challenges easier.” She experiences joy in using her God-given talents for others. In listening with the heart, she can boost people with a smile or phrase, bearing the Good News to them. S. Juliana would like people to recognize the Racine Dominicans for their prayerfulness (contemplare), their compassion for others (benedicere), and their preaching and living God’s Word (praedicare).

She encourages younger sisters to use their God-given gifts and talents to the fullest each day in word and witness whenever and wherever they can. S. Juliana is very grateful for all the Racine Dominican Sisters who influenced her life, especially her teachers.  These sisters have been witnesses of gospel values, motivating and strengthening her in her own commitment to religious life.