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Sister Rose Marie Dischler

From the time she was six years old, Rose Marie Dischler wanted to teach. Her teachers at St. Luke’s School in Plain, WI, provided wonderful role models. She learned well, and after becoming Sister Rose Marie, she taught for 20 years, cherishing the students and experiences those years gave her. Along the way, though, she felt a strong calling toward parish ministry. While visiting a nursing home, S. Rose Marie spent time with a woman who had suffered a stroke and just stared into space. She felt their spirits connect, realizing the importance of being present to people even when they cannot acknowledge your presence. S. Rose Marie has served seven different parishes in the Diocese of Madison, WI, over the past 33 years. She continues to be inspired by the life-giving  support she receives from parishioners of all ages.  Being a sister for the past 50 years has given S. Rose Marie a grateful heart.  She appreciates the wonderful Racine Dominican companions accompanying her on life’s journey. Working, playing and praying together has felt good and right to her. She realizes that a group can make a greater impact on both the Church and society. She would like people to know that Racine Dominicans stand for Radically Devoted to the needs of the world. “We are truly sisters with a mission,” she reflects.

Through the years S. Rose Marie has found it easier to walk in the shoes of another. To younger sisters in the community she offers, “As you get more experience you become wiser, have greater understanding and compassion. Keep focused on the vision and maintain time for quiet prayer, reflection and integration.” In addition to ministering in parishes and schools in Wisconsin, Illinois and New Mexico, in 1995 S. Rose Marie performed with the Edgewood Community Choir when it gave 15 concerts in gospel music in Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany and France.