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Sister Dorothy Ann Greiber


It was the inspiration and encouragement of S. Michaeline Brechtl and the other Dominican sisters who taught her at St. Norbert School in Roxbury, WI, that made Dorothy Ann Greiber inquire about religious life. She is most grateful to her parents and to her aunt, S. Sophia Greiber, for giving her a strong family and foundation.  And she is grateful to S. Michaeline and her other teachers for bringing her to the Racine Dominicans.

S. Dorothy Ann has always loved teaching, and she devoted many of her 60 years as a sister to the ministry of education. Now, in her retirement, she greatly appreciates having time to focus on her spiritual life. Learning to play the violin was one of the most energizing highlights of her life, and playing it continues to foster a positive atmosphere for her and for others in the community. As well as teaching and serving as an elementary school principal, S. Dorothy Ann was a parish secretary, a social worker and secretary to the executive team. She appreciates the many opportunities she has had, the ongoing challenges she has faced, and the new situations she has experienced. She believes the Racine Dominicans are needed to be a spiritual voice, a prophetic presence in our culture today. “Our entire life is about giving and serving and reaching out to others,” she reflects. “We, as Racine Dominicans, believe in our own future. We have a commitment to the spiritual life.” S. Dorothy Ann sees the responsibility of sisters, both younger and older members, simply “to stay religious till the day we die so that religious life may live long after we die.” She believes religious life can have a future because of the presence religious women are in the Church and in the world.