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Sister Paula Marie Jarosz

Throughout her elementary, high school and college years in Racine, Roseanna Jarosz was struck by a quality of beauty in her Racine Dominican teachers. Each sister she met spoke a message of caring and goodness. With all her heart, she wanted to love God in a generous and self-giving way, so she asked if she could become a sister. Fifty years ago she professed her first vows, and her ministries of teaching, chaplaincy and parish service have given great meaning to her life. She received the name Sister Paula Marie, and she has found that being a sister is a gift of grace, a faith-stretching experience. She has been deeply touched by people’s responses of acceptance and hospitality.

Belonging to a community is a pleasure and privilege for her. It provides a vision of hope and gives time for praising and thanking God; being with women of commitment and vision is significant to her. S. Paula Marie would like people to know that Racine Dominicans are women who care for one another. “We off er a structure for living with a reasonable amount of latitude for change or exceptions,” she said. “We are women who share the fruits of our learning and go forth to praise God, to bless, and to preach the goodness of our God and Creator.” She wants people to know that Racine Dominicans walk with them on their journey of life.  To younger members of the community she offers that a life of service and ministry to people is a journey of constant awareness of God’s love in their lives. She encourages them to find humor in living and to be joyful, positive and affirmative in their responses. “Claim your own greatness, have courage to stand for your convictions, but bend when prudent,” she says.