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Sister Kathleen (Marie Raymond) Bohn

What first drew you to the Racine Dominican community?

I can’t say what first drew me. I always knew I wanted to be a sister. I thought I was five years old when I first expressed it. My oldest sister, Pat, told me I was three. Of course, the sisters at St. Joseph in Racine were and continued to be a deep influence as I grew. I feel privileged to have had so many opportunities for growth, education, spirituality and ministry as a Racine Dominican.

What has kept you in the community all these years?

Primarily, the commitment for life I made 60 years ago. I have found much joy, fulfillment, and many deep relationships in community and in my ministries. I served as a teacher, religious education
director, pastoral minister in the Ouachita Mountains in western Arkansas and retreat ministry –
12 years at Springbank in South Carolina and 15 years in our Siena Retreat Center.

What was one particularly cherished memory of your years in ministry?

For three summers in the ‘70s, several of us taught deep in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Kentucky. One summer we taught grades 1-8 in a little mountain holler where floods had washed out the bridge, so the children hadn’t been to school since April. Once when I slipped out during a sing-along to use the outhouse, it was pouring, and the rain flowed down the mountain ankle-deep. I took off my shoes. I thought I’d left unnoticed, but when I returned, Sam, an eighth grade boy, was standing at the screen door holding a paper towel for me to wipe my feet. I didn’t only teach; I learned.

What is one thing people today should know about the Racine Dominicans? 

We are an alive, dedicated, courageous group of women desiring to impact our world individually and communally through our wholehearted desire to live justly, generously, compassionately, simply and contemplatively.

What do you enjoy doing at this time of your life?

I am blessed with energy and health, and I’m still employed in our retreat center.

When I was growing up, I always envied my grade school classmates who lived in the country on the north end of Racine. I am now living at and integrally involved in our Eco-Justice Center.

I also enjoy weaving, cross-stitch, basketry and gardening.