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Sister Alexia LaPorte, OP
Born to earthly life: May 27, 1913
Religious profession: August 4, 1946
Entered eternal life: October 26, 2013

“God loves a cheerful giver; so you will always
have more than enough for doing good.”
2 Cor. 9:7-8

In countless ways, Sister Alexia LaPorte touched the lives of family, friends, sisters and associates through her cheerful ways of “doing good.” Gracious … hospitable … prayerful … cheerful. These words described her repeatedly in the stories shared at S. Alexia’s Remembering Service and afterwards.

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Sister Alexia LaPorte (from an interview before her death)

At the encouragement of a sister at Assumption Grotto School, Mabel LaPorte came to the Racine Dominicans instead of to the Maryknoll community as she had planned. When Mabel visited her former teacher, the sister asked, “What are you doing about your vocation?” She suggested Mabel write to Mother Romana right away, which she did.

Mabel had left school early to help her family of seven survive. Her father could not fi nd work for over fi ve years, and, working in a laundry, Mabel supported the family for four years. Her sister Marie then joined her at the laundry. Mabel’s wage put food on the table; Marie’s put coal in the stove. Mabel was 30 years old when she came to the Dominicans, and at her reception, she was given the name Sister Alexia.

She has loved being a sister, especially enjoying the many years she spent at Our Lady of the Oaks. She is wellknown for her culinary expertise, but she learned to cook only after she entered the community. Before going to Our Lady of the Oaks for the second time (and staying for 24 years), S. Alexia served for fi ve years at the Dominican House of Studies in River Forest, IL. Th ough she did not want to go, she grew to enjoy the seminarians, and they loved her. In the summers, she and two other sisters cooked for about 200 people, and during the school year for 60 faculty and seminarians. One of the graduates fi gured out how many meals the three sisters prepared for him in his years of study and told them how grateful he was. He added, “If it weren’t for you sisters – your care and your humor – I would never have been ordained.” S. Alexia has always been known for her prayerfulness and cheerfulness, qualities she continues to share in her current home at Kenosha Estates Care Center.