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S. Evelyn Lins (Elizabeth)


Having benefitted from Racine Dominican teachers for eight years at St. Luke School in Plain, WI, young Evelyn Lins decided at age 15 that she wanted to become one of them. Reflecting now on 60+ years in religious life, she gratefully feels “community gives me the strength and courage to continue to minister and reach out to people in need.” In her various ministries and locations through the years, she has always appreciated the support of other sisters in difficult as well as good times.

S. Evelyn’s nearly 30 years in teaching and administration in schools around Racine, Verona and Green Bay, WI, brought great satisfaction, as did her time as Siena Center Coordinator and in community leadership. Yet, she finds her later ministries as the first director of Bethany Apartments and teaching English to women from Mexico, Honduras and the Ukraine to be especially meaningful. “It’s wonderful to see the joy a woman experiences when she can comprehend the language and speak for herself,” S. Evelyn said. Joy such as that of a mother who was able to speak to her daughter’s teacher for the first time. The women’s courage and tenacity energize and inspire S. Evelyn.

“I will always be grateful to have worked with women and children who have rebuilt their lives, their self-worth, and regained their dignity,” she reflected about her ministry with Bethany Apartments. “It has been a real privilege to stand with and … be supportive as they, with a great deal of courage, struggled to attain what is rightfully theirs.”

She would like people to know that the Racine Dominicans are “a group of women who try to integrate the Gospel message of Jesus into our lives as we stand with the poor and oppressed. We ‘live simply so that others may simply live.’” This commitment is firmly rooted in prayer and community support, “enabling us to speak our message.”