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Sister Kathleen Loewen

While growing up, Nancy Loewen was acquainted with members of various religious communities. She even had relatives in one community. When she went to college, though, and met the Racine Dominicans, she found “… a spirit of joy within the community and that attracted me to them,” she recalled.

At age 19 she entered the Racine Dominicans and became Sister Kathleen at her reception a year later. She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in music from Dominican College and a master’s degree in theology from Webster College in Webster, MO.

S. Kathleen loves teaching and has appreciated the opportunity to serve as a faculty member in St. Francis Seminary’s certificate division for the past 15 years. And as a musician, she enjoys choral work. Earlier she directed the sisters’ choir and now a parish choir – “wonderful experiences of working with others and producing wonderful sounds!” she said.

Other meaningful ministerial experiences were those of serving on a parish team in implementing changes resulting from Vatican II – a time that was especially rewarding for her – and directing the archdiocesan Office of Prayer and Worship.

Being a sister has meant “different things to me at different times in my life,” S. Kathleen reflected. “We used to be so separated from others and sometimes considered better. I don’t think I was ever really comfortable with that.” She has felt blessed with the friendship and support of many community members, as well as with the opportunities for ministry that have been available to her.

She would like people to know that the Racine Dominicans are a group of women “striving to remain faithful to each other and the vows we have made in an ever-changing Church and world.”

And to those who may be interested in religious life, S. Kathleen suggests, “Give it a try. Come and see how we live and what we are about.”