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Sister Rita Lui

Rita Lui was torn between joining Milwaukee’s Lake Franciscans, where her two aunts were members, and the Racine Dominicans. Then S. Virginis asked if she should make an appointment for Rita to see the director of postulants. “I said yes, and here I am,” she recalled.

Racine Dominicans taught Rita both at St. Rita’s and St. Catherine’s in Racine – “good teachers to be sure,” she said. From an early age, she, too, wanted to be a teacher. “I remember in second grade trying to teach my German immigrant grandfather my spelling words.”

She has enjoyed all the ministries in which she has served – as elementary and high school teacher, vice president of the community, formation director, religious educator, clinic volunteer, women’s shelter director, and for 20 years, retreat program director. “That ministry perhaps tapped my skills, theological training, and prior experience more than one has a right to!” she reflected. “I feel so blessed to have enjoyed what I was doing so much for so long.”

It is hard for S. Rita to imagine who and how she would be had she not joined the community. “I only know I have been enriched, stretched, exposed to a much wider world, been influenced greatly in what I value,” she said. “I’ve been given the opportunity and challenge to develop skills and talents I would never otherwise have believed I had. The support and affirmation of the community has been a treasure.”

She would like people to know the Racine Dominicans are passionate about the commitment to the gospel and to Dominican life. “We care deeply about each other, the poor and the Earth. We are people of faith trying hard in these transition times to live with both passion and patience as the future unfolds.”

And to those who may be interested in religious life, S. Rita offers: “You can’t imagine the richness and growth that await you!”