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Sister Ruthanne Reed

S. Mary Edith made a strong impression on first grader Carol Reed at Assumption Grotto School in Detroit, MI. Carol admired her teacher and knew she wanted to be like her. During Carol’s high school years, S. Dominica kept in touch, frequently inviting her to enter St. Catherine’s Covent in Racine. Shortly before her seventeenth birthday, Carol accepted the invitation, entering the aspirancy. At her reception a year later, she became Sister Ruthanne.

S. Ruthanne received a Bachelor’s degree from Dominican College, a Master’s degree from UW-Milwaukee, and a Montessori Primary diploma from the Midwest Montessori Training Center in Chicago. An especially meaningful time in ministry was when she studied the Montessori philosophy of education and worked with a group of dedicated parents to found Small World Montessori School in Racine. She directed the school for five years – “My Camelot years,” she described them. “I continue to hold, as my own, the Montessori principles of respect for the individual and confidence in a person’s ability to grow and learn at his or her own pace.”

Also meaningful were her years with the Dominican Missionary Preaching Team and her immersion in the Hispanic culture. The experience “…gifted me with a deep appreciation and love for the Hispanic people and the struggles of many for a better life,” she said.

S. Ruthanne feels privileged to be part of the Racine Dominican congregation and to “follow in the footsteps of many wise, holy and dedicated women.” She is grateful for her education and the variety of ministry experiences she has had. “It continues to challenge me to find ways to respond to the needs of others, using the gifts I have been given,” she reflected.

She would like people to know the Racine Dominicans are a community of dedicated and faithful vowed religious women and associates: “We treasure our life together and the Dominican traditions of study and prayer, faithful to the mission we have been given.”