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Our "Jane of All Trades"

It may not be easy to pinpoint exactly what S. Beverly Hebel’s ministry is, but she certainly does a lot for the Siena Center community. She has lived at the motherhouse of the Racine Dominicans for 20 years and does a variety of jobs around the building, such as running the switchboard and printing programs for liturgies. “I’ll do any little job for someone,” she said. “You might say I’m a ‘gofer’.”

Among other things, S. Beverly prints many of the materials needed for special occasions, such as jubilee celebarations, funerals, and major meetings. For many years she was a printer, and she’s very knowledgeable about the printing process.

She is not only helpful to Siena Center sisters and staff, but also to newcomers from outside the community. She’s always glad to meet different people on retreats and point them in the right direction when they look lost. In fact, what S. Beverly likes most about living and working at Siena Center is the people – both the familiar sisters and the unfamiliar retreat-goers.

S. Beverly also enjoys being close to Lake Michigan and the beautiful grounds around Siena Center. She is the housekeeper at Windhover, a guest house next to Siena Center, and is especially busy taking care of visiting sisters and their families during the summer months.

S. Beverly is deeply involved with the Racine Interfaith Coalition (RIC) as a member of its Board of Directors. This coalition tries to make people in the community aware of important social justice issues, especially in light of the presidential election.

Clearly S. Beverly has multiple interests and skills, and she is helpful to the many different people she meets around Siena Center.