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S. Katteri Byrne
(October 23, 1925 - June 17, 2014)
Read her obituary by Jean Mullooly

A Caring Presence

S. Kateri Byrne has lived and worked as a nurse at Siena Center, home of the Racine Dominicans, for over 40 years, and her presence is clearly still important here. She first came to Siena Center when it opened in 1965, and then spent two years caring for elderly sisters at Our Lady of the Oaks in Pewaukee.

S. Kateri returned to Siena Center in 1967 and has been here ever since, showing care and concern for everyone."She really extends herself to the sisters,” noted S. Alice Rademacher. “She asks how they’re doing and sincerely listens to them.”

One of the things S. Kateri likes about Siena Center is the family spirit. She appreciates the sisters’ support and friendliness. For over 40 years, S. Kateri has cared for sisters who were ill, and she continues to stay involved with them. “She shows great concern and is attentive to sisters’ needs,” said S. Alice.

S. Kateri’s dedication and attentiveness have been important in her work as a nurse. She is respected for her steadfastness and patience in daily tasks and when work would pile up. “She always did the tedious and exacting jobs, like organizing medication,” S. Alice recalled. It wasn’t always easy, but
S. Kateri never shirked making difficult decisions and doing what needed to be done.

S. Kateri shows the same care for her family that she has for the sisters. “Though they live out west, they are truly a blessing to her,” said S. Alice.  S. Kateri’s genuine sharing of herself, as well as her medical wisdom and skill, enrich both the Byrne family and her Siena Center family.