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The Work of An Archivist

S. Shirley Kubat works in the Archives, where she has the considerable job of keeping track of important documents, records, and the history of the Racine Dominican community. “The Archives hold the recorded memory which helps to preserve the history, service, spirit, and charism of the Racine Dominicans,” said S. Shirley.

Although contemplating the daunting amount of information that is kept in the Archives may alarm some people, S. Shirley really enjoys her work here. “It’s like being a detective,” she said. Helping people locate the information they’re looking for is truly a rewarding experience. “She’s always available when you need help finding some archival information,” said S. Ann Morehouse of S. Shirley’s helpful spirit.

One of the most gratifying experiences she’s had while working as the archivist at the Siena Center is putting funeral displays together when a sister dies. She gathers pictures, mementos, and information in remembrance of an important life. “Everyone feels connected with each other and with the deceased,” said S. Ann. “The displays are really important to the family members.” S. Shirley often receives compliments on how well done they are.

Another area in which S. Shirley’s creativity comes through is in her photography. She especially loves taking pictures of things in nature. “There is so much beauty to be seen in nature,” she said. She makes cards out of her pictures, helping people see the beauty that’s around them.