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Sister Therese (Marie Antone) Van Thull

What first drew you to the Racine Dominican community?
I was educated by the sisters and was very fond of all of them. I resisted the idea of being with them all of my teen years, but also prayed that God would let me know what I was to do in my adult years. This was God’s answer.
What has kept you in the community all these years?
My beginning was very rocky, but eventually I knew it was what I was called to, and once I made that determination, I never ever looked back.
What is one particularly cherished memory of your years in ministry?
This is hard to answer. All of my years God gave me numerous blessings, all of which are cherished. I loved teaching, and it seemed to come naturally, so I do cherish all those years I was allowed to teach and all the wonderful students that I had contact with.
What is one thing people today should know about the Racine Dominicans?
We are committed to truth and compelled to justice, and our main thrust is to seek the truth in all things. When what we find is not according to the gospel message, we do everything in our power to seek justice in this matter.
What do you enjoy doing at this time of your life?
Since my first love was always teaching, I now enjoy tutoring persons in the English as a Second Language program. I always was drawn to gardening, but had little time to devote to it. So now I am most happy when I am on my knees in the garden, surrounded by the beauty of the flowers and the birds. I am helping to create more beautiful colors to delight the eyes of anyone who passes by or looks out their window.