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About Our Sisters

About our sisters

Racine Dominican Portrait 2013
Portrait of sisters in 2013 to celebrate 2012 Sesquicentennial Anniversary (150 Years) of the Racine Dominicans.
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We are women commited to truth and compelled to justice who serve by our presence and ministry in areas of education, pastoral and retreat ministries, spiritual guidance, health care, and social outreach. We stand in solidarity with people who are oppressed and alienated by unjust systems.

We (Racine Dominicans) seek to live vibrant lives through
  • deepening our relationship with God,

  • fostering right relationships with people,

  • restoring wholeness to the earth.

To learn more about life as a sister with the Racine Dominicans,
check out A Day in the Life of a Sister. or go to the Become a Sister area.