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Dominican Center for Justice Resources

Vision: Igniting hearts to build communities in keeping with God’s vision of truth and justice.

Mission: The Dominican Center for Justice Resources provides leaven for individuals, groups, and organization to increase their capacity to promote the dignity and worth of each person and to stand in solidarity with the vulnerable.


Diversity, Inclusion, and Privilege. Santo Carfora (4/17/21)

Upcoming Events

  • Cross Cultural Friendships, Speak Up Suggestions, Becoming an Ally. Santo Carfora (5/15/21)
  • Just Mercy Community Reads (Fall 2021)
  • Inspiring Racial Justice and Equity: What Can Leaders Do? Rev. Marilyn Miller and Joyce A. Caldwell, PhD (Fall 2021)

Contact Us:

Dominican Center for Justice Resources: Igniting Hearts for Justice
5635 Erie St
Racine, WI 53403
Phone 262 898-4094

Meet the Directors


Ann M. Pratt, OP

We are excited to invite you to two important trainings “Health Impacts of COVID 19 on Communities of Color” and “Diversity, Inclusion, Privilege.” We hope that both of these training, one systemic and one personal, will add valuable information and insights to help us move towards our Anti-Racism goal. 


Mare Wheeler, Racine Dominican Associate and DCJR co-chair

As a health care professional AND as a committed Dominican, I am concerned about the myriad effects of COVID-19 on adults and children of color.  This is such a time of critical opportunity – lets’ come together to learn and heal.