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About Us


Committed to Truth, Compelled to Justice

Commitment to truth in the light of the Gospel compels us to consecrate whatever power we have, personally and as community, to sustain the fundamental right of every person to pursue the fullness of life and to share in the common good.

– Constitution - Article 8 (partial)

Read "Charism, Mission and Ministry," Articles 7 - 9 in the Constitution of the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Saint Catherine of Siena


A Brief Overview of the Racine Dominicans

"Committed to Truth, Compelled to Justice" is the guiding principle for the rule of conduct and direction in all ministries, individual and sponsored, and for the Racine Dominican community.

The Racine Dominicans are a community of vowed women religious (Sisters) and lay Associates, located in Racine, Wisconsin where they settled in 1862. Their current home (since 1962) is just north of Racine – a city on the shore of Lake Michigan about 30 miles south of Milwaukee, but sisters and associates still serve in many vocations and locations in the United States and Canada.

In addition to traditional roles in education and healthcare, the Racine Dominicans currently serve as health care professionals, social workers, prison ministers, community organizers, environmentalists, counselors, administrators, cooks, pastoral ministers, artists, spiritual directors, musicians, peace activists, researchers, college professors, writers and more.

Prayer, study, and preaching are integral to the lives of all Racine Dominican sisters and associates who strive to follow the example of St. Dominic and are inspired by the great achievements and writings of St. Catherine of Siena.  Learn more about being and becoming a sister in the A Day in the Life of a Sister section of the website. 



The Racine Dominican Executive Team

The Racine Dominican Executive Team is elected every four years. The term of the current leadership team (pictured below) began in September of 2022 and will continue until June of 2026. Pictured (from left to right) is our current Executive Team of S. Agnes Johnson, S. Maryann McMahon, S. Chris Broslavick and S. Mary Ann Pevas.