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Statement from the Racine Dominican Leadership on the Events in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021

The Racine Dominican Sisters and Associates are deeply saddened and shocked at the events which unfolded yesterday in our nation’s capital. We condemn the violent actions that sought to destroy the confirmation of our democratically elected President-elect and Vice-President-elect and, ultimately, our democracy itself.

Along with our fellow citizens, we yearn for a peaceful transfer of power and a return to the democratic values that founded this great nation.

In our increasingly divided country, we renew our commitment to the common good and pledge to take up the challenge to use our energy to repair our democracy and contribute to the work of building a more perfect union. Our Dominican Community lifts up our nation, citizens, and elected leaders in prayer today.



Celebrating our jubilarians amid a pandemic

On August 1, a sunny Saturday morning, the Racine Dominicans found a creative way to celebrate 18 women who have served the community collectively for 1,155 years!

Since March, all sisters living at Siena have virtually been quarantined inside the building, leaving only to attend important appointments (doctor, medical tests, etc.) and no one, including sisters living away from Siena, are allowed in the building. When a sister returns from an appointment, she is isolated for several days.

So many events have been canceled or postponed indefinitely during the COVID 19 crisis, the Executive Committee decided to seize the opportunity to give the sisters – jubiarians and everyone else – a bit of hope in this era that is so difficult for everyone.

See the Journal Times story about the jubilee celebration.

View a slide show from the celebration and meet some of our jubilarians.



Lighting the World with Truth

 All Human Life is Sacred | Immigration and Refugees
June 2019

S. Lois Aceto interviews S. Joyce Quintana






Racine Domincians new leadership team installed

Left to Right: Ss. Lisa Kane, Kathy Slesar, and Maryann McMahon

A new leadership team for the Racine Dominicans (Sisters of St. Dominic of Catherine of Siena) will assume office July 1, 2018. Ss. Maryann McMahon, Kathy Slesar and Lisa Kane will be the executive committee, leading the community of 112 sisters and 60 associates for the next four years.

S. Maryann McMahon will continue as president. S. Kathy Slesar becomes first vice president, and S. Lisa Kane will join the executive team as second vice president. S. Agnes Johnson, outgoing first vice president, has concluded 12 years in community leadership.

The sisters were elected to their leadership positions in February during the community’s Chapter of Elections, an all-community meeting in which the sisters also determine their focus for the next four years.

The executive committee installation will happen during a special ceremony at Siena Center June 23, concluding the community’s Chapter of Affairs.

S. Maryann McMahon served as vice president of the community for four years before working as executive director at HOPES Center. Prior to that, she served as director of new membership and had directed health services for the community for 10 years. S. Maryann, a Racine native, and Racine Dominican for 39 years, has ministered in health care capacities in Wisconsin and Mississippi.

S. Kathy Slesar, a Racine native, was the pastoral associate at St. Eugene’s, Fox Point, for seven years before being elected vice president in 2010. Prior to that, she directed vocation efforts for the community. She served as director of religious education for Racine’s St. Edward Parish for two years before taking her first vows as a sister, and after her vows, served at St. Joseph Parish, Grafton. She has been a Racine Dominican for 27 years.

After completing her Masters at Loyola University in 2005, S. Lisa Kane ministered as manager of a residential dual-diagnosis treatment program, an employment counselor, and mental health/substance abuse counselor and group facilitator in Waukegan, Illinois, Milwaukee and Racine, most recently working at Racine Neighborhood Watch. Born and raised in Northeast Wisconsin, she has been a Racine Dominican for 19 years.

Read LCWR statements.

Racine Dominican news, news features, notable events

"Ascension Living transfers Lakeshore Manor residents to Lakeshore at Siena" (Racine County Eye  |  July 20, 2018)  Lakeshore at Siena and Shorelight at Siena, located at 5643 Erie St. in Racine, is now part of Ascension Living.

"Ceremony honors 169,000 Wisconsin Vietnam War Vets" (WISN US  |  3-29-18) S. Linda McClenahan was included in news feature about a gathering at the Milwaukee Verterans Affairs Regional Office to mark National Vietnam War Veterans Day and dedicate a hallway to their service. Also, in 1973 on this day, the last troups left South Vietnam.

"Alternative energy sources overdue" (Journal Times  |  3-14-18) S. Janet Weyker, founder and former executive director of Eco-Justice Center, writes, " To breathe or not to breathe? That is the question faced by residents who live near We Energies' Oak Creek and Elm Road Power Plants..."

"LGBT people: Sisters are on our side!" (Global Sisters Report  |  1-2-18) Article describes the history of LGBT ministries among Catholic sisters includes the following excerpt: "Since the late 1990s, sisters have ministered among transgender people, healing spirits and saving lives. Members of several congregations   the Eucharistic Missionaries of St. Dominic, Racine Dominicans..." 

"Ascension Living to buy Shorelight Memory Care"(Journal Times  |  12-20-17) Ascension Living, one of the largest nonprofit and faith-based providers of senior services in the nation, has signed a letter of intent to purchase Shorelight Memory Care...

10thirtysix | Exclusive | Sister Michelle Olley |  12-20-17  — Sister Michelle Olley, a Racine Dominican nun, recently turned 90 years old. She talks about growing up in Racine and on a farm in Franksville. She also talks about dating and how her mother reacted when she told her she was becoming a nun. Watch Michelle Olley video.

"Ascension Living to purchase Shorelight Memory Care in Racine"
(Milwaukee Business News  |  12-20-17)

Plans to relocate Lakeshore Manor operations to Siena on the Lake campus

161 Leaders in the U.S. Catholic Community Deliver a Climate Change Letter to President Trump and Congress

"Policeman's Ball honors community"
(Journal Times  |  11-6-17)

S. Rose Marie Anthony receives recognition at the fourth annual Policeman's Ball for work to end human trafficking

"Racine Dominicans continue to fight human trafficking"
(Journal Times – 8-6-17)

Ss. Rose Marie Anthony, Ruth Schaaf and Jean Verber are interviewed.

Press Release: Siena Catholic Schools of Racine Names Brenda White as System’s First President; Also see, "Archdiocese announces president of Racine Siena schools" (Journal Times– 7-7-17)

"RPD tackles human trafficking with task force" (Journal Times – 7-3-17)
Article mentions, "...Dominican Sisters, who have provided strong community leadership against human trafficking in the past..."

"Archbishop explains big changes to area Catholic schools"
(Journal Times – 5-25-17)

"Collaboration is the Key to Success" (Catholic Herald, Milw. – 5-5-17)

"Get Lost in Quiet Stillness" (Catholic Herald – 2-16-17)

"Locals protest pipeline" (Journal Times – 12-2-16)

"Sister Oda Marie Degroot celebrated her 100th birthday..."
(Journal Times – 10-30-16)

"New Eco-Justice Center director settling into her new role"
(Journal Times – 8-14-16)

"Birthday: Bash, 100th" (Journal Times – 8-7-16)

"The transformative power of Tootsie Pops by Associate Mare Wheeler (published August 1, 2016, in Gobal Sisters Report 

"Bethany Apartments marks 25 years of providing sanctuary and strength" (Journal Times - 6-27-16) 

"635 years of service" (Journal Times – 6-25-16) 

"Handrow to lead Bethany Apartments" in Journal Times

"Racine Dominicans care for Earth through Eco-Justice Center" (Global Sisters Report, 4-18-16)

Read the Fall 2015 Dialogue Featuring the Accomplishments of S. Brenda Walsh, OP

"S. Janet Weyker at the Lakeside neighborhood parade" (Journal Times – 6-29-15) 

A Thanksgiving message from Associate Jan Jedlicka

Press Release: Wisconsin Sisters Confront Human Trafficking

Editorial from the Racine Dominican Leadership Team:
Racine Journal Times' article: Dominican sisters: Stop failed military interventions in Iraq

"Dominicans' Eco-Justice Center Reflects Pope's Concern for Earth" (Catholic Herald, 6-25-15)

"Blackboard Sessions: ajanet Weyker, Eco-Justice Center director" (Journal Times, 2-17-12)

Statement of Racine Dominicans on Concerns about Executive Orders

February 1, 2017, Racine, Wisconsin – In response to executive action signed by President Trump on immigration and refugee resettlement and action to advance construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil Pipelines, the Racine Dominican Executive Committee has issued the following statement:

Racine Dominicans deplore actions taken most recently by President Trump on immigration and refugee resettlement which threaten border communities, force our immigrant community members further into the shadows and endanger those fleeing violence. These orders do nothing to make anyone more secure and may well have the opposite effect.

We are appalled by President Trump’s order which also bans residents of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. for 90 days, suspends refugee resettlement entirely for four months, and bars resettlement of Syrian refugees indefinitely. This is unconscionable in the face of the unprecedented global refugee crisis. Racine Dominicans will continue to stand in solidarity with families, regardless of immigration status, who labor daily to provide safety and security for their children.

Furthermore, we also deplore the steps taken by President Trump to advance construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines. These actions send a dangerous signal about our nation’s commitment to the COP21 Climate Agreement and pose a threat to drinking water and sacred sites of our Native brothers and sisters. We call on President Trump to reverse these actions and take steps to lead our country toward a new carbon-free economy and a more humane society of the 21st century.


Racine Dominicans, a Congregation of 120 vowed women religious and over 50 associates, traces its roots back to St. Dominic in the 13th century.