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Mission Fund

Please note:

We will be open again for requests in December, 2018.


The Racine Dominican Mission Fund

The Mission Fund was established as a means for Racine Dominicans to partner with and help support justice efforts of organizations that share a common focus and mission with the Racine Dominicans.

Annually the Mission Fund cycle begins in January and is completed with allocation decisions in early June. A limited number of new applications will be considered for funding in the 2018 cycle. New inquiries should include the following:

  • Name, address, and email/phone number of person requesting information
  • Name of organization for which the funds are requested and its mission statement
  • Purpose of the request

Application forms for 2019 can be requested by email, beginning December 2018. Application forms for 2019 will be sent via email during the first weeks of January 2019. Check back for an exact due date for the applications.


Mission Fund Allocation Guidelines

The Mission Fund Allocation Committee seeks to fund organizations that:

  • address an unmet and/or under-met need
  • impact the poor and marginalized, women and/or children
  • involve and empower people of diverse, racial, ethnic and social-economic background
  • address and advocate for change in societal structures which cause or support oppression
  • have a viable evaluative plan and measurable bench marks
  • demonstrate responsible care of EARTH – when applicable
  • collaborate with other organizations or agencies
  • have the financial stability to create and sustain quality services
  • have other available resources and funds – the Mission Fund cannot be the sole funding source

The Racine Dominican Mission Fund operates on the principle of non-discrimination regarding race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and national origin and will award grants only to groups adhering to the same principle.

The Mission Fund Allocation Committee does not fund requests for the following: endowment funds, grant-making foundations, debt reduction, capital improvements, annual fund drives and individuals.

For more information or to send inquiries, contact the Mission Fund Administrator at: